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Do you need a limo service in Winston Salem, North Carolina? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are the best transportation company in town to call and offer unparalleled service at affordable prices. You can get a custom quote right now by filling out our online form that will provide you with accurate information about our rates for different vehicles as well as pricing for different services that we offer. Get ready to explore this exciting city from behind the wheel of one of our many luxury vehicles!

The Limo Company to call in Winston Salem North Carolina

If you are searching for a transportation company to call in Winston Salem, our limo rental and taxi services are just what you need. We have years of experience in the transportation industry and know what it takes to make your event run smoothly. Whether it’s a night on the town or an important business meeting, we are here to help! Our mission is to provide you with quality service at an affordable price every time. We offer limo service 24 hours a day, seven days a week so no matter what time your needs arise we can get there on time with no worries at all! We also offer several different types of vehicles including: Lincoln Navigators (8-10 Passenger), Cadillac Escalades (6-8 Passenger), Hummers H2’s (6-8 Passenger), Chrysler 300s (4-6 Passenger) and more!

Winston Salem Limousine Rentals

Winston Salem Limousine Rentals is one of the most reliable transportation companies in Winston Salem. We offer top-notch service at affordable prices and are happy to accommodate any special requests or needs that our customers may have. Come see us today and see why we’re so popular! Winston Salem limo service is the way to go for all your transportation needs! If you’re looking for an elegant and luxurious ride, consider getting in touch with us. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can provide you with everything from wedding transportation services to airport shuttle service.

Top Limo Company in Winston Salem

Winston Salem Limo is the best limousine company in Winston Salem. We have a great reputation, and we have many repeat customers. We have a lot of experience in this industry, so you can be sure that you will get the best service when you call us. Our limousines and party buses are perfect for special events. From airport shuttles to corporate shuttles, we can provide you with transportation that’s safe, reliable and stylish. We offer a wide variety of vehicles from minibuses, to limo buses and vans. Choose from our fleet of luxury sedans or SUVs for your needs in Winston Salem North Carolina!

Why Choose Us?

We are locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team with over 20 years of experience. Our fleet includes several vehicles ranging from 10 to 40 passenger buses, as well as vans and sedans for smaller groups or individuals. These vehicles range in size depending on your needs; however, if you need something larger or smaller than what we offer there’s no problem! We can help accommodate any request no matter how big or small it may seem! Our most popular option is our luxury motor coach that seats 30 passengers comfortably. This vehicle also has an A/C system so you don’t have to worry about being too hot this summertime!

There are many different types of buses, with each one offering a different level of comfort and capacity. When you’re choosing a bus for your trip, you will want to look at the type of vehicle and its features. Some popular types include: Mini Buses: These are smaller than other vehicles but can still seat up to 50 people comfortably. They often have air conditioning or heating as well as power outlets for charging devices. Motorcoaches: A motorcoach is like a mini-van on wheels—it has lots of space inside and comes with multimedia screens so that passengers can watch movies while they ride! It also has room for luggage behind the seats so that you don’t have to carry it around with you all day long during your trip (you’re welcome!).

Do You Need to Rent a Limousine Bus?

A bus is a great option for a large group. This vehicle can accommodate anywhere from 16 to 46 passengers, making it the perfect choice for your company’s next trip. A limousine bus is also versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as transportation to and from an airport or other point of origin, as well as for weddings, proms, school dances, sporting events or any other special event you may have coming up in Winston Salem North Carolina. The spacious interior of this vehicle provides plenty of room for luggage and personal items so that there is no need to worry about packing light!

Charter a Sprinter Limousine

Our Sprinters are perfect for weddings, proms, conventions and other events. You can even rent them if you’re going on vacation and want to go see the sights in style! Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large celebration with friends and family members from all over the country (or world!), there’s no better way to get everyone where they need to be than in one of our comfortable Sprinter limousines. Party buses are great for all kinds of events. Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday, wedding or corporate event, the party bus is an excellent option to get your friends together and enjoy some fun times. If you’re looking to head out to the ballgame or concert with a group of friends then renting a party bus may be just what you’re looking for. You can bring all of your favorite beverages on board along with food if desired and have an enjoyable time while getting there in style!

Calculate Rates

Once you’ve chosen the vehicle you want to rent, it’s time to calculate how much it will cost. To do that, you need to know your starting location and destination. Next, you have to decide on travel time and date of travel. If there are any special circumstances (such as a large group or extra bags), make sure those are taken into consideration as well. The calculator can help with all of these factors so that your final rate is accurate!

A Luxury Limousine Winston Salem Road Trip Guide

Winston-Salem is a great city for road tripping. There are many things to do and see, and we have put together a list of our top ten favorite spots. The Reynolda House Museum of American Art: One of the best museums in Winston Salem, this is definitely worth checking out if you have time! They have a lot of interesting exhibits on display here. Old Salem Museums & Gardens: This historic district has lots and lots of history packed into its walls — enjoy walking around the streets here! You can also visit their gardens as well as their museums if you want to delve deeper into your knowledge about North Carolina’s past (and present). North Carolina Zoo at Asheboro: Drive on over here if you’re looking for something fun!

Rent a Mini Bus to Explore Top Spots in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Rent a mini bus for your next trip to Winston Salem, North Carolina. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or something longer, we have the vehicle that’s perfect for you. Our mini buses are great for groups of up to 18 people and can be used on short trips or extended vacations alike. If you’re planning a road trip through North Carolina, this is the only way to go!

Comfortable Game Day Minibus Rentals

Minibuses are just like regular buses with leather seating, individual climate control, and even reclining seats. You won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or squished in with this type of vehicle. Additionally, minibuses make it easier than ever before for friends who live far away from each other to get together and enjoy the festivities at their favorite sporting events! Minibuses are designed specifically with comfort in mind—not only will everyone be able to be seated comfortably but they can also carry all the food and drinks required without losing any space.

Not Sure if a Bus Is Right for You?

As a general rule of thumb, most people hire buses for events where they want to provide transportation for large groups of people at once. This could be something like a wedding or bachelor party, or even just an event such as a destination wedding where your guests will be traveling from different parts of the country. In those cases, renting a bus is often the most economical solution for getting everyone around safely and comfortably—and with no hassle on your part! But if you’re still not sure if this is right for your needs…read on!

How We Can Help With Travel

Our vehicles include comfortable game day minibus rentals that will keep your group of friends safe and sound no matter how loud they get cheering on their favorite team. We also have an amazing selection of private shuttles for individuals or small groups who want to travel alone or with one other person. If you’re not sure if a bus is right for you, our friendly staff would be happy to talk through your options! Give us a call today!

Motorcoach Services From Limo Service Winston Salem

Limo Service Winston Salem is the premier provider of motorcoach services in North Carolina. We offer a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including limousine buses and mini buses. A limousine bus provides an elegant and luxurious experience for your guests. They are perfect for weddings and corporate events. You can also use them for transportation to sports games or concerts where you need to provide luxury transport without the hassle of driving yourself. Mini bus rentals are great if you have a large number of people who need transportation but don’t want all of them crammed into one vehicle.

Need Ongoing Shuttles for Your Group, Business, or Event?

There are many different types of vehicles in this category, such as passenger vans, limousines and charter buses. What type of vehicle do you need? If you are looking to transport large groups of people from one place to another on a regular basis, then a larger vehicle like a passenger van would be the best option for you. This is especially true if any members of your group have special needs that require extra space or accommodations. If your company needs daily transportation services between two locations then having an ongoing shuttle service might also be beneficial since it would allow employees who need to travel back and forth throughout their workday without having to worry about driving themselves every day or coordinating other drivers’ schedules with theirs.

Limo & Bus Rental Prices in Winston Salem

VehicleRental Pricing
6 Passenger Limo$110-$145 hourly*
8 Passenger Limo$120-$155 hourly*
12 Passenger Limo$125-$165 hourly*
18 Passenger Minibus$140-$170 hourly*
20 Passenger Party Bus$150-$200 hourly*
25 Passenger Party Bus$160-$220 hourly*
30 Passenger Party Bus$180-$260 hourly*
30 Passenger School Bus$145-$240 hourly*
50 Passenger Coach Bus$150-$240 hourly*
56 Passenger Charter Bus$150-$260 hourly*

*Prices vary greatly depending on the city and state of your service. Due to COVID-19, rental prices shown in past estimates may not reflect actual pricing which may be significantly higher depending on availability.